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City Map of West Haven

Updated: Jan 5

City Map of West Haven by Jaques Smit

West Haven, the illustrious capital of West Rendin was founded by the visionary Armand du la Rent in 325 A.R.M. Over five hundred years later, West Haven is steeped in history, commerce, and vibrant culture. As you traverse through its bustling streets, you encounter the legacy of the du la Rent dynasty, the spirited West Rendinians, and the echoes of ancient alliances and bygone battles.

Historical Overview

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  • Foundation: West Haven's roots trace back to Armand du la Rent’s ambition of unifying the diverse tribes and factions under a single banner. His son, King Louis du la Rent, further fortified the city by constructing the formidable West Keep in 370 A.R.M.

  • Prosperous Era: The city flourished through trade, courtesy of its strategic coastal location near valuable trade ports, marking a time of prosperity.

  • Cultural Flourish: Influenced by neighbouring regions, West Rendin developed a culture rich in expressiveness and spirituality, with The Cult of the Weave finding a devoted following.

  • Alliances and Rivalries: Through trials and tribulations, alliances like that with the Schutzfort clan and confrontations with rival factions shaped the city's legacy.

  • The Age of Horror (500 - 582 A.R.M.): The rise of the undead in the east threatened the realm, but under King Armand II du la Rent, West Haven became a bastion of defence, collaborating with the Knights of Alba to repel the menace.

(The Grand Palace of West Rendin created with Midjourney AI)

Legacy of The Grand Palace

As you marvel at the towering spires and emerald rooftops of West Haven's Grand Palace, you're witnessing a blend of architectural splendour and historical significance. This grand edifice is not just a home to the rulers of Rendin, but a testament to crucial alliances formed during dire times.

(Parliament Hill created with Midjourney AI)

The Grand Palace has been the revered home to Rendinian Kings and Queens for over three centuries. Its majestic halls have played host to courtly intrigues, political strategizing, and royal festivities.

The recent civil war was waged over the palace, showing the lengths to which royalty went to claim this architectural marvel as their home.

Prior to its construction, the area where the Grand Palace now stands was a bustling market, with West Keep serving as the royal residence.

During the aftermath of the Age of Horror, a powerful wizard named Vernum Salja emerged as one of the heroes who stemmed the tide of terror. In exchange for acknowledging the sovereignty of The Isle — a society of wizards formed by Vernum Salja — the King of Rendin commissioned the construction of the Grand Palace from Vernum.

The Grand Palace is a symbol of historical transitions, magical interventions, and architectural aspirations. Its towering presence tells tales of past struggles, royal legacies, and the enduring magic that underpins the very fabric of West Haven.

Sociopolitical Landscape

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  • Government: West Rendin is a Bureaucratic Monarchy under the reign of Queen Armandine du la Rent, with Duke Ailon du la Rent and Mayor Elizabeth le Roux as notable figures in governance.

  • Religion: Rendinians follow the Cult of the Weave and as such believe in balance. They celebrate diversity as the means by which balance is maintained.

  • Economy: Anchored by its harbour, the city thrives on trade, specializing in the export of iron, pottery, fish, and lumber, among other resources.

  • Law and Order: The West Haven Watch, renowned as the first criminal detective service, maintains the law, although it faces challenges from rival factions like the Black Wolves and the Magpies.

Cultural Tapestry

(Magpies Thieves' Guild created with Midjourney AI)

  • Expressive Society: The West Rendinians are known for their emotional expressiveness and metropolitan culture, a reflection of the city's diverse and cosmopolitan populace.

  • Criminal Underbelly: The birthplace of The Magpies’ Code, West Haven hosts a tense rivalry between the Magpies and the Black Wolves, adding a layer of complexity to its social fabric.


(Dagger and the Bird tattoo by Romain Sureau)

A thieves guild that has been around since 500 A.R.M. They have a strict code under which all their members operate. They believe that their purpose is to redistribute wealth more fairly back to the poor. The Magpies’ Code strives to minimise human costs in the process. Due to the popularity of the code, the guild has expanded quickly, and nearly every city in Azrea contains members bearing the Dagger and the Bird tattoo on their left shoulder.

West Haven, with its rich history, diverse strategic alliances, and blend of cultural, political, and economic facets, is a living testament to the grand narrative of Rendin. As you delve deeper into its tale, every cobblestone and spire has a story to tell, inviting you to become a part of its enduring legacy.


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