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Meet the Goddess Lot

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

(Holy Symbol of Lot created using Midjourney AI)

About Lot

Lot is a goddess who embodies the polarities of existence: Winter and Summer, Life and Death.

Her domains of power encompass these cycles, and her holy symbol—a spiralled tear—captures the essence of her dualistic influence. When Lot manifests, she often takes the form of a great winter wolf. Her weapon of choice? A sickle, which symbolizes both the harvest of life and the inevitability of death.

Her Role in the Mythos

In the universe of Ayrul, Lot is one of the daughters of Cos, the All-Mother goddess of Light and Protection. Lot's worship is led by High Priestess Ishyelle Hethnolas in Kindra, a powerful stillari woman who mirrors her goddess closely. Ishyelle guides followers through rituals and ceremonies that honour Lot and her domains.

The Cult of the Weave's Rituals for the Deceased: A Guide

Temple Rituals in the Holy City of Kindra

The Temple of Lot in Kindra features a large, open-air space for worship and underground chambers for laying the dead to rest. Here, the High Priestess performs the "Circle of Life and Death" rite, invoking Lot to guide souls to the afterlife. The Cult believes that worthy souls will ascend to Anchorhall, a realm of light, while unworthy souls face confinement in ice.

(Ishyelle Hethnolas The High Priestess of Lot in Kindra by DALL-E 3)

Regional Variations

If you live far from Kindra, rituals may differ due to limited resources. Nevertheless, the core principles remain.

In Small Towns

Local priests or paladins perform simplified versions of the "Circle of Life and Death" rite. They prepare the body for its journey and invoke Lot for guidance. The body is then laid to rest in a Cult-dedicated cemetery or burial ground.

In Remote Areas

For those living in isolation or unable to travel, the rituals can be even simpler. A straightforward burial or cremation may be conducted, along with basic prayers to the five great gods.

The "Circle of Life and Death" rite symbolizes the Cult's respect for the cycle of life and provides closure to the living. Regardless of your location, the aim is to honour both the deceased and the role of the gods in this eternal cycle.

(Lot created using Midjourney AI)


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