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Escape Stress with Positive Epic Fantasy


A reckless young thief lands himself in a team of misfit spies. Their mission, to stop an apocalyptic war bearing down on his home. But at what cost?


But this isn't your typical hero's journey! Birger must pull off a reverse heist while confronting magically enhanced giants and armies of greenskins. He relies on his endurance, wit, charm, and the unwavering support of his friends – both in battle and psychologically.


Immerse yourself in this exciting action-adventure that combines intense battles with personal growth, and adds a unique spin to traditional fantasy.


This detailed high fantasy world was created through d&d and narrative tabletop war campaigns with real people.

Absolutely loved it, the D&D vibes and all the races, great storyline. It had me hooked and invested. – Stephen Logan

By the end of it, you really feel for Birger who has been so badly beaten up for so long. – Danielle Kleffmann

Renate is awesome, as a coach myself I could see what she was doing the whole way through, and her reveal caught me by surprise. Everything around her suddenly made sense. – Mariska du Preez

Wow! What an exciting finish...but wait, there's more...! – Earlie Rose

The Eye of Winter (Tearing the Darkveil Book 1) - Signed Special Edition

SKU: 9781912597291
  • This version caters to the New Zealand audience. Because we hand package, sign, and ship these, it may take longer to get it to you. Please be patient with us.

  • New Zealand is a small nation far from all others. Please beware of the shipping cost. Please check out the Amazon store listing or order it from your local bookstore if you would prefer another option.

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