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City Map of Anthir

Updated: Jan 5

City Map of Anthir by Jaques Smit

Nestled against the unforgiving chill of the frozen north, Anthir stands as a bastion of civilization — a free city of Sawra where stoicism reigns and art is mostly confined to religious sanctuaries.

(All images below this point were created using Midjourney AI)

One cannot discuss Anthir without mentioning its cornerstone—Ferdinand Keep. Constructed in 478 A.R.M., this fortress was the brainchild of Rendinian General Ferdinand Larsea as an outpost for keeping an eye on the Wartide (an assembly of Ukthuun, Nikkuni, Bolgar and Siphuun) which had swooped down from the north and left the southern lands in ruin.

The city expanded organically around Ferdinand Keep when whaling emerged as a booming industry. Soon the city had grown too densely inhabited to process whales in the Harbour, and instead, whaling stations were set up around the coast surrounding it.

(The Rusty Tankard in the Squat created with Midjourney AI)

Anthir is a mosaic of social extremes. To the west lie opulent mansions where nobles lounge in rich palaces with servants seeing to their every need. The east is marred by the poverty of the Squat, a slum on a ridge with no protection from the arctic wind that blows into the city.

(Golden Tree Hill houses created with Midjourney AI)

While Golden Tree Hill houses the rich and powerful nobility that serve the Duke.

Emerging from the grimy warehouse districts of Anthir, the Black Wolves evolved from mere pirates to feared slave traders. who saw an opportunity to grow their operations. The slums of the squat made for easy pickings as they traded in human cargo, sending slaves to Apour.

(Black Wolf Gang created with Midjourney AI)

Rendin had outlawed slavery in 400 A.R.M. when they converted to the Cult of the Weave, but the nations of Apour had no problem keeping slaves.

(Magpies Thieves' Dagger and Bird Tattoo by Romain Sureau)

Faced with the rising menace of the Black Wolves and the nobility's apathy, the Magpies took it upon themselves to shield the city's vulnerable populace. The Rusty Tankard doubles as a guild front and soup kitchen. While the Magpies Code is popular all over Southern Azrea, to the poor of Anthir it is arguably held more dear.

(Merchant Ward created with Midjourney AI)

Anthir's economy is a tapestry of local industries — fishing, lumber, and wool — enriched by trade relations with the barbarians of the Wild Lands for rare pelts. Being the only city with temples to all five goddesses in Sawra, Anthir benefits from extensive local religious tourism as well.

Anthir is more than a city — it's a melting pot of cultures and a beacon of resilience. Its people are survivors, hardened by life between luxuries and hardships, ever negotiating the balance between tradition and necessity. The influence of Korland means that they have access to exotic goods from the far west, while their proximity and trade relations with the Wild Land give them a hard edge. They are survivors and they work hard because those that don't have short lives.


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