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Regional Map of Southern Azrea

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Regional Map of Southern Azrea by Jaques Smit

Azrea is the northernmost continent of Ayrul, which is mostly within the Arctic Circle. The southern region which borders the tundra is the original home of the Stillari of Stillendam, Quintri of Quintrom and the Dwan of the Northern Towers. Its history precedes humans by millennia.

The Nations of Azrea include:

(All images below this point were created using Midjourney AI)

The Free Cities of Sawra

Before Louis du la Rent settled Azrea, there were already humans living there. The Sawrans were a loose collection of tribes that traded with one another. They were incorporated with Rendin when Ferdinand Larsea conquered them. Due to the cultural divide between Rendinians and Sawrans, they declared independence during the Rendinian civil war. Korland has influenced Sawra’s culture by proximity. Their city-states follow the same general structure of unified defence as their neighbours. Anthir is the lead city. Sawran culture is stoic.

Kingdom of West Rendin Nation ruled by Queen Armandine du la Rent. It was formed after the Rendinian civil war and contains Rendin’s former capital, West Haven. Which is a bustling metropolis, with a diverse population of artisans and merchants. The people are expressive and wear their emotions on their sleeves. They follow the Cult of the Weave.

Kingdom of East Rendin

A kingdom formed when Rendin was torn into three by civil war over the succession of the crown. It’s located on the east side of Azrea. Known for its focus on local industry and trade relations. The culture is feudal in nature with a harsh class divide.

Kingdom of Quan

Ruled with an iron fist, the nation is militaristic and constantly at war with its neighbours. They’re tasked with defending The Isle and will cease all hostilities with others to turn their attention on any that threaten it. The culture of Quan is vicious and brutal, and only the strong win respect. Despite their duty to The Isle, many people in the nation detest magic users and some actively hunt them.

Republic of Itavia

A mercantile nation that facilitates trade between the great empires of the east and west on the Apour Continent. They were once part of the Murapii Empire. Their culture is expressive and romantic.

Oligarchy of Korland

A maritime trade empire on Azrea with a monopoly on the dye trade and, most notably, purple dye. Purple silk is one of the most valuable trade goods in the known world and a way that most royal families or wealthy merchants show their riches.

Kingdom of the Northern Towers

A nation in the cold, mountainous region in the frozen north. It’s home to the dwan. Their capital

is the Tower and ruled by King Ducan Anvilheart. Their society is governed by a consortium of clans, each led by a council of leaders who are elected every five years to advise the King.

Technocracy of Quintrom

A society that values intelligence, knowledge, and innovation above all else. They’re governed by the most competent and proven person, holding the title of Professor. Their government is a technocracy called the Technomancers Guild. Their economy is post-scarcity, and export rare mechanical goods, silver, platinum, gold, magical items, and spells. They have a strong sense of community and cooperation, respecting knowledge and innovation. To them, pursuing knowledge and innovation is a sacred duty.

Kingdom of Stillendam

An ancient and established stillari kingdom. It’s a place of mystery and wonder. Magic and nature are intertwined, and the boundaries between the living and the dead blur. The forest itself possesses a will of its own. At the heart of Stillendam lies Etmenja, the capital, where King Ellamji Reethnia and Prime Minister Cilcye Faelynn rule. The government of Stillendam is a monarchy, but making changes to laws requires both the King and the Prime Minister.

Magocracy of The Isle

A mystical island located off the coast of Azrea, home to a community of wizards. It is governed by a magocracy, where those who are able to wield Magic hold the highest positions of power and make the important decisions for the island. The wizards of The Isle are dedicated to protecting Azrea from supernatural threats, and staying out of politics beyond their borders.

The Dead Land

Territory in the easternmost part of Azrea that is overrun with the undead. It was formerly known as the Jorman Planes.

Grengar of the Darkveil

The Darkveil Forest is named after the barrier that is between the Shadow Realm and the other realms. The Grengar that live there were created when an evil stillari created a temporary hole in that barrier. The grengar worship their ancestors and in particular, their king Zholani, whom they see as a living god. They can only be killed with fire and heal any other wounds.

The Wild Lands

An unforgiving frozen wasteland in north Azrea where only the toughest can survive. The Frost Wild gods are worshipped by its inhabitants. Ukthuun, Nikkuni, Siphuun and Bolgar each have their own distinct customs, based around these gods. It’s a land of snow-capped mountains, vast glaciers, and icy rivers that carve through the landscape. Fierce storms and blizzards are common occurrences and temperatures regularly drop to bone-chilling lows.

The Cult of the Weave

The religion honours the cycle of life, death, creation, and destruction, as well as the natural order of things. It emphasizes maintaining balance, delaying entropy, compassion, charity, honesty, integrity, duty, and responsibility.


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