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World Map of Ayrul

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

World Map of Ayrul by Jaques Smit

Map of Azrea and Apour by Jaques Smit

Ayrul sits at the intersection between five dimensions. The Realm of Light, Realm of Shadows, The Weave or Realm of Magic, Physical Realm and The Void. While the world itself is immense, our tale is focused on Azrea.

The Wild Land by MidJourney AI

A highly contested land with a rich variety of cultures. In the frozen north, known as The Wild Land, barbarian tribes of the Frost Wild, the Ukthuun, Nikkuni, Siphuun and Bolgar form the Wartide, rampaging south to plunder and pillage.

Heaven's Peak by Stable Diffusion AI

Southern Azrea is a more well settle area, with humans, stillari, dawn and quintri nations engaging in trade and war. All in the region share the five ladies of the Cult of the Weave as their goddesses, though some dedicate themselves to one in particular.

On the southern continent of Apour the monotheistic empires of Murapii and Kurhan stare one another down amid a rare and temporary cecation of hostilities. But trouble is never far away when zealots are involved.

The City of Mura in Apour by MidJourney AI


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